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How a non-tech person can test a website

If you’re going to test a new feature, this QA cheat sheet will be particularly useful.

Please ensure that you first validate that the feature just added satisfactorily integrates with the current system.

On most occasions, developers are not as familiar with the entire product as the QA who thoroughly investigated it. Boundary testing will uncover a number of edge cases.

Testing a New Feature:

  1. User Acceptance Testing

Ensure that the feature works as expected by the user.

  1. Functional details:

Compare each element of the application to the functional specification document – this is known as validation.

  1. Test fields for the following:
  1. Button testing
  1. Keyboard testing
  1. Check the following thoroughly: spelling mistakes, expired data behavior, removal of data behavior, and testing duplicate data behavior.
  2. Navigation testing
  1. Device integration – feature interaction with external factors
  1. Cross-platform testing – feature must be tested on the accepted Android and iOS versions.
  1. Test the feature to make it as user-friendly as possible
  1. Compatibility testing – explore forward and backward compatibility with other product versions.
  1. Test to ensure that the feature works and is showing up correctly in all approved application languages
  1. Security Testing. This will uncover vulnerabilities within the app as well as possible leaks in data resources.
  2. Synchronization Testing – check when local data synchronizes with the server
  1. Design testing. Does the implemented UI match the requirements of the designers?
  2. Component integration testing. Check how the feature interacts with existing features, for example, how the feature is affected by SLA or Login
  1. Load testing, performance testing, and stress testing.

API testing and Web-related testing:

*Not limited to the web.

Hopefully, this list proves useful to everyone attempting to ensure that nothing is missed while carrying out quality assessments.