Nice to Meet You We’re ILoveMyQA QA Experts

With a team of 20+ QA experts from all corners of Canada and US, who live and breathe testing, ILoveMyQA helps companies build and maintain highly adaptable QA methodologies and processes to ensure reliable and secure software products.

With end-user satisfaction at its core, our highly affordable managed software quality assurance services assist with design and implementation and guarantee your products are always high quality.

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Founded in 2018, ILoveMyQA has been Canada’s and US' leading software testing company and continues to empower companies to achieve 100% end-user satisfaction without breaking the bank.

Margarita Simonova photo
Margarita Simonova
Founder, Tech Entrepreneur
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Our Purpose

At ILoveMyQA, we are more than just testers—we're dedicated partners in ensuring the success of your product. With our comprehensive QA service, we go beyond the surface to uncover insights that matter. Our findings serve one key purpose—ensuring that you achieve 100% customer retention. We're not just here to find bugs; we're passionate about your wins.

As QA experts, we love delving into the intricacies of your software, asking questions that go beyond the obvious. Our approach is rooted in a commitment to knowledge sharing, encouraging collaboration that goes beyond the testing phase. We understand that the success of your project is not just about identifying issues but about fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

Join us on a journey where QA is not just a service but a partnership. Let's work together to elevate your product, uncover hidden potentials, and achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction. At QA Experts, your success is our priority.

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With our comprehensive methodology, we not only analyze complex user paths to find a solution, but we also make sure to return and verify fixes that actually move the needle.