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Achieving effective collaboration between QA and Developers

QA engineers often become frustrated with developers as a result of differences in priority. Developers pay particular attention to writing code designed to address a specific function, oftentimes failing to address how their processes fit into the bigger picture of the overall experience. QA on the other hand focuses on quality by taking into account the user perspective.

Best Practices in Quality Assurance Testing

Because the likelihood of cyber-attacks increases as more people work from home, quality assurance becomes even more important as it relates to software development and testing. It ensures that the root causes of software vulnerabilities are discovered and fixed before they reach production. Below we discuss a few best practices for an effective QA process.

How a non-tech person can test a website

If you’re going to test a new feature, this QA cheat sheet will be particularly useful. Please ensure that you first validate that the feature just added satisfactorily integrates with the current system. On most occasions, developers are not as familiar with the entire product as the QA who thoroughly investigated it. Boundary testing will uncover a number of edge cases.

How to create a healthy relationship between Developer and QA

Today we are going to discuss an interesting topic in software testing–one that I’m sure any tester or QA can guess. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s definitely the relationship between Testers and Developers.

Interview Questions for Quality Assurance (QA) Positions

Here we discuss some essential interview questions which examine the key behaviors or skills required of QA professionals. Our answer guidelines will help you in developing your own best QA job interview responses.

Issues surrounding AI

Our lives are being transformed every day for the better by intelligent machine systems. The more capable these systems become, the more efficient our world becomes. Some of today’s tech giants believe that artificial intelligence (AI) should be more widely utilized. However, there are many ethical and risk assessment issues to be considered before this can become reality. We discuss these below.

Mobile Usability Testing to Prevent Fat Finger Syndrome

Fat Finger Syndrome is the accidental trigger of a secondary action while navigating a touchscreen user interface. Fat Finger Syndrome is continuously problematic for mobile usability testing. While some might blame the user for being inattentive and clumsy, the fact of the matter is that the user interface is at fault. After all, the purpose of good design is to ensure that factors that might frustrate or confuse users are eliminated

Prediction of QA Future

IT is notorious for constantly changing – today’s top trends might tomorrow be replaced with something new. Quality Assurance is no different. Luckily, no crystal ball is required to predict the future of QA – one simply must look at the “World Quality Report”. This article will highlight predominant software testing trends in 2019-2020 from that report, as well as its best practices recommendations. Let’s check out the latest trends in technology testing.

QA Testing in the Future

Despite being a frequently overlooked aspect of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), quality assurance (QA) is critical to producing high-quality software and achieving end-user satisfaction. But, similar to many technical roles, it is constantly changing. Just as software development is ever-changing, so is QA, and it will naturally continue that way as the years go by.

Blockchain Testing Explained

Blockchain technology is being used by organizations throughout the world to improve data management, storage, and security. Because of this, it has become necessary to thoroughly test all applications built on the blockchain network.

The distinction between testing and quality assurance (QA) in the software industry

Although it is sometimes thought that QA and software testing are the same thing, they are in fact different concepts. They differ in their objectives, features, and methods. Testers and QA engineers are also unclear about their job descriptions due to the many misconceptions about the nature of testing. Right now we’re going to take a closer look at each of the roles in order to clarify them for you.

The Everchanging QA Outlook

The Information Technology (IT) world keeps growing every day, and specialists predict that it will become gigantic within the next few years. Not even the Covid-19 will be able to stop its growth because there is such a high demand for quality IT services. Among the top trending areas of IT, artificial intelligence (AI), human augmentation, automation, cloud solutions, and practical blockchain are the most promising.

What does a software tester do?

Software testers, also known as software quality assurance testers, perform one of the most critical processes of the software development life cycle. They ensure that the software product is bug-free before being deployed to everyday users. In this article, we’ll discuss what a software tester is, its primary responsibilities, and other pertinent information to guide your decision if you’re considering a career in software testing.

What does quality assurance mean in software testing?

Most times, quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC), and testing are used interchangeably. Although they are all closely related and required as part of quality management, they are each entirely different processes. While QA overlooks the entire software development cycle, QC is a software engineering process that is a distinct part of the software testing cycle. In this article, we explain the difference between these terms and dive deeper into Software QA.

What is Regression Testing in Software Development?

Regression Testing is a software testing method used to ensure that any code changes, improvements, or updates made to an application do not negatively affect its existing features. It involves the re-execution of already executed test cases to confirm that existing functionalities are working properly. To be effective, however, it needs to be part of a comprehensive testing methodology that incorporates enough variety while still being efficient and cost-effective.

Why Software Testing is Important

Software testing is a method used to determine if the current software product satisfies the expected requirements and ensure bug-free software. It involves running the various components of the software through their paces so that they can be evaluated with the use of manual or automated tools.