What Makes the WeTest PerfDog Unique? - ILoveMyQA

With the increasing demand for high-quality apps and better digital experiences, global enterprises are considering investing in effective app testing and improving their apps' user experience.

Margarita Simonova
Margarita Simonova
Founder and CEO of ILoveMyQA

December 31, 2022

4 min read

What Makes the WeTest PerfDog Unique? - ILoveMyQA

WeTest, as a Quality Open Platform is the official one-stop testing service platform for game developers, its quality criteria has been developed through testing hundreds of thousands of games, using the top 1,000 popular models covering 80% global users. It helps developers tackle QA problems and create best experiences for their users. In this article, we want to discuss the crucial features that make WeTest PerfDog unique.

Full Mobile Platform

WeTest PerfDog allows you to conduct performance testing easily for any applications, games, or websites. It supports various systems (Android/iOS) and various devices such as mobile phone, Pad, Watch, Android simulator, window & Mac version available for download. Moreover, No ROOT for Android, No Jailbreak for iOS

Application Universality

PerfDog supports for all kinds of apps, games, mini programs, mini games, H5, websites, etc. No need of installation, plug-and-play, which reduces the tedious test barriers, for that the examiners are able to concentrate on the progress of test and analysis.

Data Accuracy

PergDog provides the data about Screenshot, FPS, Jank, FTime, CPU, GPU, Memory, Battery, Network, CTime, etc., which you may easy to get. The performance impact on CPU<1% and no performance impact on FPS, which ensures the accuracy of performance data. You can improve your app user experience effectively by accessing real-time performance data and troubleshooting issues with WeTest PerfDog.

Cloud-based Dashboard

PerfDog could store, visualize, edit, manage, download data, No matter when and where your team is, you are able to set up tasks, and invite team members to join the task. The tool also supports to share and review the completion of team tasks, in order to form an effective team-working pattern. You could share & review the progress of the task.

PerfDog's Cloud-based Dashboard

With the increasing number of competitors in the market, WeTest PerfDog always ensures that it updates and modifies its platform to help application developers and game developers worldwide increase their quality .

Ensure that your app performs well in real-world conditions, try WeTest PerfDog for your performance testing.

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